Happy New Year!

As the new year begins, resolutions are hard not to make but why do we need to make them on Jan 1? Why are we conditioned to think a new start happens on the first of the month and that we need to achieve something within a defined amount of time? I understand people use this as a calendar point for tracking some objective but there must be a better way, right? I don’t make resolutions for many reasons but primarily because no matter how SMART the goal is, I sometimes am able to achieve it while other times not. So what do I do?

I make long-term and short-term goals. One of my main things to achieve is to make more friends. Being an introvert and a working professional, it is so hard to make new friends. I have lived in many places in the country but still can count my good friends on one hand. Yeah, I miss having local friends to hang out with but when you don’t drink, how do you meet people. I joined Crossfit a long time ago for the community aspect but though I made some good gym friends, no one to hang out with outside of it. Growing up and focusing on your career sure can change your personal relationships so the one thing that I’m focusing on this year is making new friends. No long-term or short-term goal here just taking it as it comes. Even with all the social media connections, real-world interactions are so important to grow as a person. My short-term goals well, to continue to exercise and continue to stay healthy–ok, I guess both could be long-term as well. Priorities like making the gym a meeting on my calendar make it easier to sustain unless the weather plays havoc!

No matter where you are in your journey in life, I wish you a wonderful 2023! Happy New Year!

Stay well!

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