The Days Between Christmas and New Year’s Day

To me, the best time of the year is those days between Christmas and New Year’s. I’m surprised all companies don’t give these days off. Totally would help employee morale plus then you don’t have to struggle to save PTO days for this time frame. I get it that companies don’t want to shut down completely and can’t avoid it but I wonder if there is a better solution out there? Until that solution exists, we trod along!

I try to take these days off every year if I can because honestly, it feels great to go into hibernation mode and just do the bare minimum. Getting up late, going to the gym, eating somewhat healthy, enjoying Netflix, and binge-watching all on vacation mode is just exactly what I need for my mental health. I wish in the US we got as many holidays as the Europeans got. For some reason, the US culture is all about working continuously and long hours while our European counterparts tend to get 40 days of vacation! I mean, come on, work is work everywhere but somehow the US lags in many places including work-life balance.

What do you like to do during this time frame? I know for some it means flying back from visiting family, others unwind after the whirlwind in the house, while some start taking down Christmas decorations. I also tend to run errands like returning Christmas gifts that perhaps weren’t the best fit and of course, try to take advantage of the 70% off sale for Christmas decor that is going on–got to get a headstart for next year! Enjoy these last few days of 2022!

Stay well!

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