Amit has been in the food and supplement industry for more than 15+ years with an MS in Chemical Engineering and MBA in Marketing. His innate curiosity to learn about new foods and ingredients has made him an expert in helping others understand what is in their food or drink that can help them with their lifestyle goals. Having taken up Crossfit 15+ yrs ago, Amit sure has learned how to enjoy eating what he does without sacrificing his health. Amit’s blog will detail his passion for all things new with a primary focus on food/supplements/ingredients but expect some of the unexpected too!


I constantly explore new eating options as I don’t think one diet fits all as goals change. I’ve tried keto, paleo, veg, non-veg, and many other diets and I continue to oscillate between diets (quarterly per year) as different lifestyle situations demand different strategies.


It is very true that you can’t overcome a poor diet by just exercising. Fitness can be achieved by simply taking a 20 mins walk or if you prefer going to a gym to work out, Crossfit, box, run, etc. Find what you love and exercising will be easy!

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