Jumping on a trend!

Whether you use TikTok or Instagram, both have items that are constantly trending. Millions of social media subscribers see these products and then go purchase it because of the influencer. From Mielle’s rosemary oil to The Ordinary products to Paleo vs Keto, reach is high and brand awareness is increased but is going viral always the best thing?

As influencers promote products, people forget some have contracts with those companies, some are genuine users, while others are just providing misinformation especially since there truly is no fact checking occurring. As someone who values data and looks for science-backed research, not having that and going by what a stranger tells me, feels all sorts of wrong. In the day and age of fast results, I guess it makes sense for these influencers to promote items and we buy into it. Another con of jumping on the trend is that certain products are made for certain reasons and often companies may increase price or change formulas just because something is Hot! Not everything is meant for everyone’s use but we forget that often as we have the choice to buy even though that choice is now influenced by something on social media.

Remember, what works for one person may not work for you as we all have a different body chemistry and environment. I’m a huge fan of Vitamin C and D but I know why I take these based on my career and scientific knowledge. Without the right resources, I caution you from jumping on a trend as it may cause you more harm than good!

Stay well!

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