The Days Between Christmas and New Year’s Day

To me, the best time of the year is those days between Christmas and New Year's. I'm surprised all companies don't give these days off. Totally would help employee morale plus then you don't have to struggle to save PTO days for this time frame. I get it that companies don't want to shut down... Continue Reading →

Avoiding Overeating during the holidays

Holiday time means a lot of food is about to be consumed. No matter if you celebrate the holidays or not, there is an abundance of seasonal food available that is too good to pass up. So what do you do? Pass or eat? My strategy is to eat in moderation the sweet treats and... Continue Reading →

Happy Holidays!

Christmas time is not just for ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS by Mariah Carey--but that too is a staple of the holiday now--or for shopping and eating but also time for reflection as the new year slowly approaches. Not only is family time so important but not taking for granted those that are in your... Continue Reading →

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