Daily habit

What is that one thing you must do everyday and has become a daily habit for you? Is it something you do as soon as you wake up or perhaps right before bed? Maybe, you don't even know it's a habit until you don't do it and it throws you off that day? I have... Continue Reading →

Eating When Hungry

Considering it's the new year and people are returning to the gym and making resolutions, one thing we forget when we start a health and fitness journey is to focus on eating not only healthy items but when to eat. For most the struggle is to eat healthier but for me, the struggle is to... Continue Reading →

Jumping on a trend!

Whether you use TikTok or Instagram, both have items that are constantly trending. Millions of social media subscribers see these products and then go purchase it because of the influencer. From Mielle's rosemary oil to The Ordinary products to Paleo vs Keto, reach is high and brand awareness is increased but is going viral always... Continue Reading →

Happy New Year!

As the new year begins, resolutions are hard not to make but why do we need to make them on Jan 1? Why are we conditioned to think a new start happens on the first of the month and that we need to achieve something within a defined amount of time? I understand people use... Continue Reading →

The Days Between Christmas and New Year’s Day

To me, the best time of the year is those days between Christmas and New Year's. I'm surprised all companies don't give these days off. Totally would help employee morale plus then you don't have to struggle to save PTO days for this time frame. I get it that companies don't want to shut down... Continue Reading →

Avoiding Overeating during the holidays

Holiday time means a lot of food is about to be consumed. No matter if you celebrate the holidays or not, there is an abundance of seasonal food available that is too good to pass up. So what do you do? Pass or eat? My strategy is to eat in moderation the sweet treats and... Continue Reading →

Happy Holidays!

Christmas time is not just for ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS by Mariah Carey--but that too is a staple of the holiday now--or for shopping and eating but also time for reflection as the new year slowly approaches. Not only is family time so important but not taking for granted those that are in your... Continue Reading →

Pet health vs human health

If you have a dog or cat at home, you likely cherish them and treat them like family. Though they can't speak, we somehow try to help them and do the best for them. Everyone's pet is different and every pet has a different dietary need so how do you decide what's best to feed... Continue Reading →

Positivity Jar

As the year comes to a close soon, I was reflecting on something that I started at the beginning of the year and will complete as the year ends. What is it? The positivity jar. I started it for many reasons but mostly because I wanted to reflect on at least one good thing that... Continue Reading →

Freedom and Structure

Today's post is by guest writer Caleb Nelson. Check out his bio at the end of the post along with a link to his Naked Sunday podcast. If you are anything like me, the idea of imposing any limitations is akin to being suffocated by an anaconda. Whenever I feel the semblance of restriction or... Continue Reading →

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