Can rice cause acidity? Bloating?

I eat a lot of rice as it's a staple in the Indian diet but lately I've noticed a couple of thing. As I consume more and more, I now feel bloated followed by an increase in acidity. Should I grab Tums or Alka Seltzer or is there something else that I can do so... Continue Reading →

Broccoli: things to know

I love to eat broccoli, how about you? Whether it is in a casserole or salad or even raw, it really is a vegetable that I enjoy eating but how do you tell if it fresh when you go to buy it? Here are some tips on what to look for so you can make... Continue Reading →

Why do we do mindless eating?

Do you just eat whatever you want, whenever you want without paying attention to why you're doing it? Well, that's mindless eating.  Mindless eating can lead to overeating, weight gain, and a host of other health problems, so why do we do it? Lately, with my food poisoning, I've been consuming food whether I'm hungry... Continue Reading →

Comfort food

So I've been a bit under the weather due to food poisoning so that got me to thinking and of course writing about it. When you're feeling under the weather, one of the best ways to make yourself feel better is to indulge in some comforting food. Whether it's a bowl of hot soup, a... Continue Reading →

Good vs Bad Cholesterol

We all hear about LDLs and HDLs when you go to the doctor's office for cholesterol check-up but what do they really mean? For someone trying to maintain a normal range for these, see my earlier post on apple cider vinegar, I honestly feel you can monitor your health a little better if you know... Continue Reading →

The Wonderful Onion!

As I was watching Tiktok videos of how to stop tearing up when you cut an onion, it got me to think about onions and its benefits. Onions are a staple ingredient in many kitchens and are often used to add flavor and depth to dishes like in Indian food but do you know the... Continue Reading →

Why does my stomach growl?

So today, during a meeting, my stomach started growling. No clue why but so embarrassing and of course I grabbed my stomach thinking that would calm it but oh well, I went on with my meeting. Funny thing, I had eaten like 30 minutes before so it shouldn't be growling. So why did it? So... Continue Reading →

Pizza and healthy?

Does Friday roll around and it is pizza time? Or do you eat leftover pizza for breakfast? Why do we love pizza so much? Pizza has always been a staple food for many people, but the question of whether it's healthy or not still persists. On the one hand, pizza can be high in calories,... Continue Reading →

Got a sweet tooth?

So I have a wicked sweet tooth especially when it comes to eating chocolate. I figured now is a good time to talk about it since it is almost Valentine's day! Here are some reasons why you should indulge in a piece of chocolate every now and then. Chocolate is good for your heart. Dark... Continue Reading →

Do you like eating protein?

I don't know about you, but eating protein is a chore for me. I really struggle and no matter all the meal plans that I try, I know that it's not something that I enjoy. As a health enthusiast, you probably already know the importance of getting enough protein in your diet. Protein is essential... Continue Reading →

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