Sometimes you got to try something new!

If you have been following along, you’ve probably read about my positivity jar or even meditation as a habit. Both of these posts got me to thinking about what I’m doing and how it is affecting me. Probably very important to reflect on otherwise why do the activity right?

Last year, I really enjoyed keeping up the positivity jar and though I don’t have a similar activity for this year, I realized that my new daily meditation habit actually is that habit. I’m 28 days into this practice and am learning new techniques on how to meditate and process your thoughts. Unwinding when stressed by meditating has really helped me this week as it was a busy and stressful week. I’ll likely utilize this practice throughout the year to center me. What I’m finding interesting is that just 5 mins a day can totally revamp your outlook with a focus on breathing to calm you. The hardest part so far for me was getting started and thinking would it work for me. I actually bought into meditation’s benefits probably 14 days in when I unknowingly realized that a change was occurring. The lesson for me in all this is that sometimes you got to try something new for awhile before you see the benefits!

Stay well!

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  1. I used to meditate a lot, and the weird thing was that after a certain phase, I’d start feeling more anxious in my day-to-day. It’s weird like that. Maybe I need to find balance, and as a passive person, maybe my balance lies in more chaos, lol. I’m just thinking out loud here. Anyway, thanks for this post!

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