Job Searching: is there a right way?

Having grown my career slowly and steadily, I have some tips on how to make your next move. Strategies today and strategies from yesterday are not that different but how we implement them is what makes the difference. If you’re a new graduate, check out the ebook on Amazon, Making the last hoop!

One of the most important things to go after is a job that you like going to! Sometimes our circumstances prevent us from moving and finding that ideal job and we end up looking for satisfaction in our jobs but if you’re able to look elsewhere, what stops you from finding something you really want to do? That’s an important question to ask yourself. We often look for more money as driver but does more money actually make you happy if you don’t like what you do? For me, each job change was driven by a need to learn more and live in a different place while taking on that opportunity. Sometimes the gamble paid off, other times not so much but that’s how you find the good fit!

How did I find a job that I liked? Well, was my health good, did I have a lot of job stress, did I have free time and work-life balance? Depending on the answer to these questions, I would either move on or stay put. Everyone’s journey is slightly different so check out the book and see which tips might apply to you!

Stay well!

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