Lying awake at night and thinking about what next or having deep thoughts about life, sound like you? I tend to do this a lot and it’s not because I’m stressed (or at least I hope not) but because my brain needs to constantly create new ideas and looks forward to this thought process. It’s a habit that I’ve had since I was a kid. I tend to overthink even the simplest of things but sometimes this trait is a good thing too.

Depending on the situation, overthinking could be good. Working in the scientific world, a good scientist looks at all possibilities and then using data makes a conclusion. Utilizing the scientific method, in essence, requires you to think and overthink your actions. This is a positive! On the other hand, thinking during the middle of the night about a project or a financial or family challenge probably isn’t a good thing unless at 3a you tend to get genius ideas that you actually note down. This is a con at times! So what can you do about it?

Meditation is one of the best ways to limit this overthinking. It takes practice and is not easy but it really helps when done. Exercise and sleep are both important during the day and can stabilize cortisol levels. And if you must, there are supplements like melatonin and ashwangha that can possibly aid with calming and sleep (ask your doctor about any supplement before you take it!) . Overthinking has no solution but there are ways to limit it and capitalize on it as needed.

Stay well!

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