Eating When Hungry

Considering it’s the new year and people are returning to the gym and making resolutions, one thing we forget when we start a health and fitness journey is to focus on eating not only healthy items but when to eat. For most the struggle is to eat healthier but for me, the struggle is to eat and when to eat.

Nutrient timing is so important and there are so many articles on Google that you can pull up and even apps like RP Diet help you with this but how good is an app with that when you’re busy working or not feeling like eating. Carb cycling is another way people manage their diet but just like nutrient timing, it takes a lot of planning and requires you to eat even if you’re not hungry so is there a solution? I haven’t found a solution but I did learn to listen to my body. I eat when I need to and don’t when I don’t want to. Mind you, I’m not starving, it’s just that I have now learned, from over the years, what my body needs for that day’s activities. Tracking via My Fitness Pal also helps me stay focused so that’s a good tool that I like as well. I’d rather eat when needed then force myself to eat or eat mindless calories as well. I totally get that the benefit of nutrient timing is that people can avoid an insulin spike and avoid overconsumption of calories at any one meal but sticking to that regimented approach is tough and not for everyone.

The health and fitness journey truly is a lifestyle change not a trend or fad to follow–this took me a long time to realize!

Stay well!

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