Happy Holidays!

Christmas time is not just for ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS by Mariah Carey–but that too is a staple of the holiday now–or for shopping and eating but also time for reflection as the new year slowly approaches. Not only is family time so important but not taking for granted those that are in your life is even more important. Yes, the gifts around the tree are AWESOME but no matter where you are in life or what age you are, reflecting on the year is so important as it provides much insight for you and your growth.

Having faced challenges from different reasons to visit the hospital to simply enjoying a moment of respite for traveling, it all is something that causes me to pause and reflect. I heard somewhere that happiness is hard to come by and is fleeting while sadness and despair is always around the corner, do you agree with this? I’m not sure because only your level of stress, endorphin, and cortisol levels are also a driver of how you feel. What I do know is that looking for the good in your life should result in happiness in your life.

As I reflect upon this year, one thing is clear, stress management is not easy and sometimes it just sneaks up on you. My stress relief was the gym, just going in when I didn’t want to was surprisingly exhilarating. I also realized that as I get older, I got to change how much I eat as calories just don’t melt away anymore, it takes hard work now, even more so! Finally, as I get older so do my loved ones so cherishing time with them has become even more important. Though some folks think that seeing their lives on social media is enough to let others know of their well-being, nothing beats a face-to-face connection! Also, I learned that I need to continue to be the best version of myself so that I can help others be the best version of themselves. How can you encourage others if you find fault in yourself, right? What did you learn about yourself this year? Didn’t think about this yet? Pause and comment below, if you like.

Stay well!

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