Positivity Jar

As the year comes to a close soon, I was reflecting on something that I started at the beginning of the year and will complete as the year ends. What is it? The positivity jar. I started it for many reasons but mostly because I wanted to reflect on at least one good thing that happened daily. I tried a gratitude journal in the past but it was much harder to keep up with so this worked much better and was easier to do.

I wrote on a small sheet of paper, one thing that made me happy that day. It could be anything from family time to watching a movie to eating something, the goal was to find something that made me happy so that I don’t take things for granted. Even when times were tough this year and I was ultra stressed, this was a great habit to focus on the good that happened that day. Hard to do but when you reflect on your day, you will find it!

The only change that I would make if it did it again next year is to write it on a calendar directly versus putting small sheets of paper in a jar. What I’m looking forward to at the end of the year is to read these sheets of paper and see what made me happy and can I continue with those habits next year. I highly encourage you to try it out and see how nice and calm you feel after you incorporate this into your life. Really gives you a nice perspective of your day/month/year!

Stay well!

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