Winter-Spring! What season is it?

With the weather changing in most places of the US, seems like relief from the cold winter is on its way unless you are living in the Northeast, where they just got 3+ inches of snow! And yesterday, I got snow! Yikes!

For a lot of people that means seeing more sunlight, an uptick in their moods, and of course doing things outside from hiking to landscaping to more. But what are you passionate about and how you plan to enjoy the outdoors is totally up to you. I prefer to go to the beach and sitting outside on my swing while at other times I like to grill or plant seeds in my garden. But you know what throws a wrench in my plans? Well, the fact that the weather is so unpredictable, from not knowing how to dress or when to plant what, somethings require steady-state to happen and alas we are in the midst of some sort of transition between spring and winter and spring..we need a word for that, right?

Stay well!

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