Walking your way to success

With the new year underway, many of us will likely make a fitness resolution but I prefer to make a fitness goal. Or you may even have a Fitbit or Apple Watch for tracking your steps but scheduled walking is the best way to meet your goals. This year, I’m going to amp up my walking. It is easy to take walking as not exercise since no weights are involved but even 30 mins can do your body so much good. For me, the challenge is walking in the winter.

Even with a dog who loves walks, walking outside in the cold is tough. So what can you do? Here’s what I’m going to try. I’m going to try to get up 30 mins earlier, put on a coat and hat, grab the dog and walk outside for at least 20-30 mins. Not only will this be an energetic start for me and the dog but I’ll be able to tackle the day with an active attitude. Sounds simple enough right? Well, let’s see if I can do it. If not, there is always the treadmill at the gym but then you have to make the effort to go to the gym!

Stay well!

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