Stress alleviation via reading and foam rolling

I don’t know about you but I had a really rough and stressful week last week so I had to find an outlet for stress release. Working out was helping but it wasn’t enough. I had lost my appetite too so I had to find another way. One of those ways was reading a book, The Meaning of Mariah Carey. For some reason, escaping into another world was just what I needed, makes you realize other people have bigger issues to deal with. Another way that I found helpful was foam rolling. Why? Totally different from reading right? Let me explain why.

Consider investing in a foam roller. Why? It is a great way to stretch out any knots you may have. I felt immediate results from foam rolling and the knots were lessened. Did it reduce my stress completely? Of course not but I was on the road to recovery for sure. Don’t know what to do with a foam roller? Lots of videos on YouTube. I use my foam roller daily and find it beneficial to do in the morning and before bed. Usually, 5 mins are all I need not play around with it and see if it can help you.

Check with your doctor before trying anything that you are unsure about.

Stay well!

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